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Four Spin - Guatemala Antigua Finca San Rafael Urias

Four Spin - Guatemala Antigua Finca San Rafael Urias

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BOOST YOUR RIDE with this small batch craft coffee from the region of Guatemala where some of the best coffee in the world comes from. it's a medium roast with great and intense flavor perfect for fuel your day with a lot of energy.

Guatemala’s own unique smoky flavor is well balanced with the “tangy twist” you may detect in this coffee. All our beans are slow roasted to order to guarantee freshness. 

Guatemala mainly produces washed Arabica, though a small volume of washed Robusta is produced in the south west of the country. Coffee is grown from 650 to 1,800 meters above sea level. All coffee is handpicked, selecting only the ripe cherries. The harvest starts in September (in the lower grown areas) and ends in April (in the highest producing regions).


Balance acidity with notes of caramel, orange and chocolate. 

 Direct Trade

100% Arabica
Whole Bean
Size 12oz / 340 grams

Medium Roast

brew method

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